About Us

The Talent International Management Service Pvt. Ltd. is an established brand of company which supplies Nepalese human resource abroad. It supplies skilled, semi-skilled, technical and professional manpower based on the demand of our clients. We have reservoir of complete solution to the need of human resource. Talent International Management Service Pvt. Ltd., as a trustworthy manpower recruiting agency, has been established under the company Act 2053 and its License no. is Nepal Govt. Approved Lic No.: 998/068/69.

Talent International Management Service Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2011 AD with a dream. The dream was to explore the employment opportunities abroad for the qualified and deserving individuals from Nepal, who wants to take their career in global scale. The past experience which the organization gathered will be a guiding lesson for our future. And where we stand now is due to the hard work, dedication and sense of selfless service put in by the high-spirited team. And because of this, we have made difference in Nepalese manpower industry.

Working in foreign countries has emerged as an ultimate option among Nepalese youth seeking to enter better job market. With over 1500 people successfully recruited from our organization to various organizations in Middle East and Eastern Asia in various category in this short period, represents the difference we have made in quality service along with the contribution to minimize country’s unemployment and strengthen the economic backbone of our country. Quality of our service has always been our first and top priority while providing services to our clients throughout various countries throughout the world.

However, the agency (Organization) is newly established, we (its founders) have been reinforced by long experience as employee from all over the Gulf countries like K.S.A., UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain. After having an experience from abroad we (its founders) have been supplying manpower for more than 3 years for all over the Gulf countries.

1. To supply skilled, semi-skilled as well as non-skilled people abroad.
2. To find the right candidate according to the requirement of the employer company.
3. To find the right job abroad according to capability of job-seekers.
4. To support the national economy by increasing foreign remittance.
5. To extend good relationship with the employer company abroad by providing them manpower as per their requirement.

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